Template:Arrancar Character Infobox Aisha Pena (アイシャペナ, Aishapena) is an Arrancar, numbered 11, and the only Fracción of Roque Ortega.


Aisha, although she is the oldest Fracción, has a young appearance to her, having short black hair, and hazel eyes. She is fairly tall, and her mask fragment consists of a headband, which is rarely seen due to the fact that she is almost constantly in her Resurrección. In her Resurrección, Aisha gains longer hair, and becomes taller. She usually changes clothes, to a red kimono-like dress, amongst other attire.


At first being an individual in charge of a giant army which she never cared for at all, Aisha seemed to be the perfect hollow, with no way that anything could defeat her. Upon her defection from Fire Forest and becoming an Arrancar, Aisha became a very regretted person, wishing that she didn't do so much to make Hueco Mundo the warzone it became.


Originally an Adjuchas in charge of Fire Forest, the biggest of the 5 Menos Forests, Aisha was not a Vasto Lorde and so no-one cared for her, instead she acted like a dictator, that is until one of the only 5 Vasto Lorde in existence drove her out and left her living in a nest within the Forest of Menos itself. After Roque Ortega went on a rampage in the nest, killing most of the hollows, except for Aisha. Noticing that they had similar goals, to evolve as far as possible and eventually take over Hueco Mundo, they decided to become Arrancar, and Roque later became one of the Nuevo Espada.