Akira Kaburagi
Race Human, Shinigami
Birthday July 30
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs.)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society (Loosely)
Base of Operations Kaburagi House, Queen’s District, Neo City, England, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Tatsuki Kaburagi (Father)
Misuki Kaburagi (Mother, Deceased)
Education Neo City High School
Shikai Zandatsu
Bankai Unknown
First Appearance

Akira Kaburagi {暁・鏑木, Akira Kaburagi) is a Human and Fullbringer who has Shinigami powers buried within him. Akira is the son of Tatsuki Kaburagi and Misuki Kaburagi, his father was a former Substitute Shinigami.


Akira's most distinct feature is his hair. His hair color is dirty-brown with a ring of blond hair that was the only inherited trait from his mother. Kodaka has a very Japanese looking face and it was said that he resembles his father a lot. Although Maria said that the scar on his face is ugly, it was shown that Kodaka is quite handsome.

Due to his appearance, Akira would often create a angry or scary face that will make the students around him scatter away. Akira is also well aware of this, and will even exploit this when needed.

Akira's most frequent outfit is his school uniform and only to him, preferred to roll up his pants. When not in school, Akira would dress more casually, usually a T-shirt and medium length pants.


Akira prefers to be alone with his own thoughts and tends to not over exert himself with his school work. This has caused a rift between his childhood friend, Maria, who noticed the change in his personality the moment they started high school. Before going to high school he was very active and had a knack for getting into trouble. This changed the moment he was told that his father was a Shinigami and that the reason his mother died is because of a Hollow attack.

Though his current personality caused the rift, Maria still makes the effort to be friends with him even though he doesn’t reciprocate the feeling. His attitude got him into a few fights with local bullies, though he easily beats them every time. A year before the start of the series he was involved in a knife fight and was cut on the cheek before being stabbed. After this incident he developed a fear of knives being used against him.


When Akira was four, he witnessed the death of his mother by a Hollow. Later on he forced himself to forget this due to the pain it made him feel reliving the event. Two years before the start of the series, Akira was told of by his father about his hidden Shinigami powers, Akira’s dad told him the truth about his mothers death. It was then Akira decided to try to unlock his Shinigami powers to protect Neo City from Hollows.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Shikai: Zandatsu (斬奪, Cut and Take):