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Arturo Plateado
Arturo Plateado
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Imperio Oculto
Base of Operations Ciudad del Huecos , Hueco Mundo
Resurrección Fénix
First Appearance
Japanese Tomokazu Seki
English J.B. Blanc

Arturo Plateado (アルトゥロ・プラチアド, Aruturo Purateado; Spanish for "Silver Arthur") is an Arrancar created by Condenar Dador. He is the Segundo (2) Espada in the Imperio Oculto.


He has long turquoise hair, yellow eyes, and the remains of his Hollow mask on his right cheek, his appearance almost mimicking Grimmjow's. It appears to be the upper jaw, but is extended around the back of his head and has a sort of crest. His Hollow hole is located below the base of his neck. He wears the basic Arrancar uniform, but with a belt worn just underneath his sash.


Arturo Plateado is a both calculating strategist and a ruthless warrior, with an unrivalled lust for power. This aspect of his personality is reflected by his Zanpakutō's unique ability to absorb the spiritual pressure of anyone he kills to strengthen himself, a power so terrible that even captain-level Shinigami have been known to flee before his might. He sees defeat as a sign of weakness and displays an outright refusal to accept it, even rising again in an injured state to resume the battle. Arturo is portrayed as possessing a level of confidence bordering on arrogance, even going as far to attack the Soul Society single-handedly.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


X-Shaped Projectiles

X-Shaped Projectiles: Arturo has the ability to fire X-shaped projectiles. The blast seems to manifest a short distance in front of him, apparently summoned from above him and not from his own being.

Sonido Master: Arturo has also shown that he can use Sonído effectively in combat. He can even use it to perform combination attacks on his opponents.

Beam saber

Beam Saber

Beam Saber: As a substitution for actually using his Zanpakutō in battle, Arturo can manifest a powerful, dark colored saber of energy that materializes when his fingers extend forward. The saber produces lightsaber-like sounds when swung. It is very strong, similar to a Shinigami's Shikai.

Beam Saber Assault: Arturo can use a technique with his beam saber when he gets close enough to the opponent. He extends his blade, and proceeds to attack the opponent relentlessly while using Sonidó, overwhelming them. He gets a total of sixteen hits, followed by a 17th that knocks the opponent forward. Arturo begins the attack shouting, "DANCE!" and ends it with, "DIE!", while stabbing the opponent in mid-air. Afterwards you can hear him say " I've grown bored of your face."

Spatial Prison: A unique and apparently more battle-oriented version of the Negación technique used by Menos Grande. Arturo can summon a powerful circular shaped spatial prison that temporarily paralyzes targets absolutely. In contrast to the white Caja Negación used by the Espada, it is black.

Immense Spiritual Power: It is noted several times that Arturo has an overwhelming amount of spiritual pressure, exceeding that of Captain-level. His presence can be felt from a very long distance. He is so powerful that the need of a Reiryoku-absorbing item that could potentially kill the user was necessary.

Arturo cero

Arturo's Cero

Cero: Arturo uses a massive version of the Cero that inflicts major damage. It is still red in colouration, but it is far bigger, and has proportional strength to its size.

  • Gran Rey Cero: In addition to his already powerful Cero, Arturo is also capable of using the Gran Rey Cero, a particularly strong version of Cero which is exclusive to the Espada.


Arturo's Zanpakutō is called Fénix (不滅王 (フェニーチェ), Fenīche; Spanish for "Phoenix", Japanese for "Immortal King"); its release command is unknown. In its sealed form, Fénix resembles a basic katana with an hourglass-shaped guard. Arturo apparently opts not to use the actual sword, instead relying on an energy blade he projects from his hand.

X-Shaped Projectile: Much like his unarmed version, Arturo can summon a powerful X-shaped blast with his Zanpakutō. This variant seems to be more powerful than his unarmed version.
Power Absorption: Arturo's Zanpakutō has the power to absorb the spiritual energy of those it defeats, adding to its wielder's strength.


Green wings

Arturo's Green Wings

Arturo has two different sets of energy wings: the first, which constantly are on his back, are two green wings which look similar to the single wing Uryū Ishida grows when he enters the Quincy: Letzt Stil.

Arturo red wings

Arturo's Red Wings

The second set of wings, which appear during his ultimate attack mode, are made of multi-coloured flames. Arturo gains a huge increase in power, primarily in his reiryoku and reiatsu, which is the equivalent of an Arrancar releasing their Zanpakutō.