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Bleach Xcution
Bleach Xcution
Kanji ブリーチ:エクスキューション
Romanji Burīchi:Ekusukyūshon
Genre Action, Supernatural
Created by User:KyubiSoul
Published by Bleach Fan Fic
Bleach: Xcution (ブリーチ:エクスキューション, Burīchi:Ekusukyūshon) is a Fan-Fiction series in development by User:KyubiSoul. It follows Fullbringers through there struggles to stay alive and to distinguish themselves from Hollows. Currently the story is on a hiatus, it is unknown at the time when the series will continue.


Main CharactersEdit

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Tom Keen: The primary protagonist of the series. Tom is the leader of Xcution and organization made up of Fullbringers, he created Xcution three years before the start of the series, he set it up to protect Fullbringers from Hollow attacks and to train them to use their powers correctly. Tom with the aid of Roydon made Xcution a world-wide secret organization.


The following are the main story arcs of the Bleach: Xcution and a brief synopsis of each.

Agents of Xcution arcEdit

Under Construction

Filler ArcsEdit

Note:All Filler Arcs are not canon to the Bleach: Xcution plot and have little to no bearing on events within the plot.

Holy Crusade arcEdit

Note: Holy Crusade arc is an arc under consideration and may not be written. If abandoned this entry will be deleted.

Xcution's European Headquarters are attacked by a group wearing traditonal Cardinal choir dresses. The group identify themselves as "Priests" in the service of God. Xcution mounts a attack on the Roman Chaolic Church but are quickly repelled by the Cardinal-Kings. After the failed attack the Church of England offer its aid to defeat the Roman Chaolic Church. Tom suddenly realiszes Xcution has been draw into a war thousands of years old.

The Deus Continuum arcEdit

Bount Invasion arcEdit

After Riruka Dokugamine is attacked by a mysterious indivdual who almost sucked out her soul, Roydon requests the matter be looked into. Olga and the Russian Branch of Xcution discover that this Vampire is a Bount, a race created by the Shinigami. The Bounts attack Fullbringers to attain "true" immortality and a boost in power. Oka develops an anti-Bount weapon, however the Shinigami interfere and the Bounts capture and reconfigure the weapon to kill Shinigami. Can Xcution stop the Bounts before the disrupted the balance of souls?

Arrancar Six arcEdit