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Sockpuppetry is the creation of an alternative account to make it look like another user. Sockpuppets can be created by vandals to evade blocks or legitimate users to create an extra facet of interest in the community.

Due to extreme abuse by people in the past, sockpuppetry is generally forbidden on any wikia site. Sockpuppets should expect to be banned when discovered, though depending on the legitimacy of the sockpuppeteer, or "main" account, the sockpuppeteer may be banned from a month to possibly permanently. Sockpuppeteers are also responsible for any rules broken by their sockpuppet accounts.


  • If you are creating an account to run a maintenance bot. Note that if you do create a bot account, you must clearly label the bot as yours, and you cannot use the bot account to vote in any wiki affairs; you must use your own account for that.
  • You want to change your name. However, if you want to do this, you must place a note on your old account stating that you are no longer using that name and wish to be known by the new one.

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