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Agents of Xcution arc

Teach MeEdit

Two days past as Akira awakened his Fullbring, he begins to use Bringer Light when using his sword. Akira deduces he can’t use Bringer Light without using his Mother’s Honour. Despite this handicap he continues getting use to his Fullbring to get use to the weight of the sword. Akira’s training is interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone.


“It’s about time to complete your training Akira.” Tom’s voice says from Akira’s mobile.

“I’m in the middle of training myself at the moment.” Akira responds annoyed at the timing of the call.

“I know...I can see you right now.” Tom says appearing behind Akira.

“Stop doing that, it’s weird.” Akira says annoyed at the fact that Tom sneaked up on him.

“Anyways you’ve got a rematch with Roydon today, this will complete your Fullbring training if you manage to complete it that is.” Tom says turning around and began walking to Xcution’s Headquarters.

“After this will I get my Shinigami powers?” Akira asks. Tom turns around and looks Akira eyes. “Yeah once you complete your Fullbring it will latch onto your Shinigami powers and draw them out.” Tom says to Akira before turning back around.

“Finally!” Akira shouts out in excitement before following Tom.

“Tom is really good, Akira is completely naïve.” Oka says to John Anderson.

“Hmm...I’ll rest easy when we have what were after then I’ll stop watching Akira’s family.” John says to Oka before using Bringer Light to leave.

“Sigh...That John always taking his jobs seriously can’t blame him, Tom is very charismatic.” Oka says to herself before leaving the rooftop with Bringer Light.

Mother’s Honour vs Card Trick, Round OneEdit

Akira is quickly transported into Hannah’s PSP, as the enviorment loads Akira is surprised to see that he will be fighting in a replica of Neo City. Roydon arrives and greets Akira while spinning his scythe around in front of him.

“Greeting, Akira Kaburagi.” Roydon says with a grin still spinning his black scythe.

“Hello, so this is round two then. What happened to your Fullbring?” Akira asked nervously.

“You don’t get it do you? My Fullbring is Card Trick, each card possess an item with unique abilities. The one I used on you last time was my Fatigue Sword. This is my Death Scythe.” Roydon said explain his Fullbring in detail to Akira who activated his Fullbring in response.

“So what is the purpose of today’s training?” Akira asked while position himself to attack.

“We must put you through a stressful battle that will push you to your limits. Only then can you Fullbring be complete.” Roydon explained to Akira grabbing his Scythe in mid air. “Hold nothing back, expand your sense, and don’t let your guard down even for a moment.

Akira tighten his grip on his sword and prepare for Roydon’s attack, Roydon streamed Reiatsu through his scythe can appeared in front of Akira making a clean swing for his head. Akira sees this barely and he fires off an energy wave causing an explosion.

“You fired off your main attack the moment you realized I was attacking. That was smart you have good instincts but this fight is just starting Akira.” Roydon says looking at the blood on the blade of his scythe. Blood drips from under Akira’s right eye, his faces is cut from the top of his head and ends just under his eye. Akira pants with fear before turning around.

Damnit how I’m I suppose to fight this guy. The difference in our strength is clear. So he was holding back the last time, shit, what can I do?” Akira thinks to himself looking at Roydon in fear.

“Come on you idiot you spent two days using you Fullbring learning its abilities use them you fool or I’m going to kill you.” Roydon bellowed at Akira. “If you won’t make a move then I will.”

Roydon moves in to attack Akira, but Akira smiles and disappears. “Huh what the... is this his speed?” Roydon says looking around the immediate area searching for a sigh of Akira. Akira appears behind Roydon and he swings his sword but Roydon dodges and attack Akira who defends with his sword. “So finally got into the motions of things, eh?” Roydon says to Akira.


“No, not really but your sword arms a bit weak.” Roydon then quickly adds more force and manages to disarm Akira and slashes his chest. Blood erupts form Akira chest, drops land on Roydon’s face. Akira screams out in pain and falls to the floor bleeding heavily from his chest.

“Hey, get Rachel in here he is hurt pretty badly.” Roydon shouts into the sky.

“Damnit Roydon, Rachel prepare for a trip” Tom says to Rachel as Hannah prepares to load her into the virtual world.

When Rachel arrives she is horrified to see Akira lying in a pool of his own blood. She runs towards Akira and using her Fullbring, Magical Girl Powers and begins to heal Akira.

“Damnit Roydon, don’t kill him, Tom said not to kill him.” Rachel angrily shouts at Roydon.

“He is not dead and besides we’ve got you to heal injuries like this just say in this world and if he gets to banged up heal him again.” Roydon confidently says.

Mother’s Honour vs Card Trick, Round Two Edit

As Roydon waits for Akira to be healed he plays with his ring by performing all sorts of tricks with it. Meanwhile Rachel is healing Akira’s deep wound. “’’The deepness of this wound I guess Roydon went all out on that slash. If this keeps up Akira’s body will go into shock, and that will fuck up this plan.’’” Rachel thought to herself healing Akira’s wound.

“My, my Roydon doesn’t hold back that much when I ask him to hold back.” A voice says from behind Rachel. “Tom! What are you doing here?” A stunned Rachel asked.

“I’m here to watch the battle of course.” Tom says looking at the horizon of the fake Neo City.

“So you have that much faith in me, eh Tom?” Akira says after regaining consciousness.

“I have some but you must show off your strength. Your Mother’s Honour is capable of more than what you use it for I know you have more than what you used against Roydon.” Tom responded to Akira inspiring him.

“Yeah I can do this.” Akira began. “This time I’ll defeat Roydon and complete my Fullbring, and then I’ll have my Shinigami powers.”

Tom smiled and pushed Akira out of the safe zone. “Go get him then, Akira.”

Akira stands atop the tallest building in the fake Neo City. From here Akira over looked the entire City and notice Roydon sitting on the building opposite look up at the sky.

“So, you’re ready then Akira.” Roydon began. “I hope you realize that you won’t actually beat me Akira.”

“I won’t know until I try and I won’t stop until I complete my Fullbring.” Akira boasted confidently.

“You don’t lack confidence kid, I’ll give you that one.” Roydon announced while materializing his black scythe.

Akira activates his Fullbring and charges at Roydon at lightning fast speed and their weapons clash, on impacts a powerful gust of wind blows past them.

His strength has increased...but how?” Roydon thought to himself before breaking the attack. Roydon charged his Energy Blast and fired it at Akira, Akira smiled and exchanged his sword to his left hand and pointed it at the incoming Energy Blast. The blast hit and exploded the force decimated the surrounding buildings. As the dust settled Akira emerged from the dust uninjured, this shocked Roydon.

“How is that possible? You survived that attack.” Roydon questions Akira’s survival.

“Looks like things are getting interesting, I wonder if Roydon will be able to figure out Akira’s Fullbring abilities.” Tom thinks to himself after witnessing Akira’s survival.

“Wow, Akira is pretty good for a newbie.” Rachel says out loud in amazement of Akira’s power.

“He is still new to this, but he won’t win this battle.” Tom said in a cold manner.

“Then the purpose of this training is to?” Rachel questions.

“Stress him enough to evolve his Fullbring.” Tom responded to Rachel’s question.

Akira appears behind Roydon and fires off an energy wave at him. Roydon avoided the attack and attempted to slash Akira, who, avoided the slash and kicked Roydon into a building’s window.

That’s strange that kick barely had any force, what’s going on?” Roydon thinks to himself.

Akira switches the sword to his right hand and attacks Roydon, his sword hits Roydon’s scythe blade, it shatters leaving nothing but a pole.

What in the, he didn’t have this power before.” Roydon thinks analyzing Akira’s movements.

Akira used Bringer Light to bridge the gap between him and Roydon, Roydon hits Akira with his left over scythe and uses Bringer Light to escape.

“Now he is no longer faster but stronger his powers aren’t making much sense, wait...that’s it when he changes his sword arms he gets different abilities.” Roydon says after deducting Akira’s power.

Roydon regenerates his scythe’s blade and fires off a wave of energy towards Akira, who switches his sword to his left arm. Roydon at this moment uses Bringer Light to appear on Akira’s right side and slashes off Akira’s right arm off. As Akira screams in pain he drops his sword and holds his wound attempting to stop the bleeding. Rachel attempts to go to Akira and heal him but she is stopped by Tom.

“What are you doing I have to help him or he’ll bleed out.” Rachel screamed at Tom in a panic.

“No, just watch Rachel, his Fullbring will be complete soon.” Tom replied

Akira’s wound bleeds out profusely, Akira tries to stand up but the lose of too much blood sends him back onto the ground.

“That’s the weakness of you Fullbring; you need to change hands to activate your high defensive powers and speed. This creates an opening in which you enemies can strike you down. This is why we Fullbringers know all of our weaknesses so that we can overcome them. You in your arrogance or excitement over looked this.” Roydon bellowed at a semi conscious Akira.

Akira dreams of the moment his mother dies wondering how he could have saved her. As he feels his life fading he hears his mother’s voice tells him not to give up. She appears before him and puts her hand in his chest and pulls out a light from his chest. “Here is your power use it, use it to win.” His mother says while handing him the glowing orb.

Roydon turns around and begins to walk away. “We failed, my bad.” Roydon says shrugging his shoulders.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Akira violently scream forcing himself from the ground white light forming around where his arm was and extending across this chest. Akira then rushed towards Roydon and slashes him causing a massive explosion. When the dust settles Roydon is injured but still standing, Akira arm is restored. “Well done kid you have completed your Fullbring.” Roydon congratulates Akira who looks up at him and smiles. Tom arrives and congratulates Akira.