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Hannah Smith
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday February 4
Age 18
Gender Female
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Occupation Member of the Main Branch of Xcution
Team Main Branch of Xcution
Base of Operations Xcution HQ, Neo City, England
Personal Status
Primary Skill
Fullbring Digital Creation
First Appearance

Hannah Smith (ハンナ•スミス, Smith Hannah) is a Fullbringer and a member of Xcution's Main Branch.


Hannah is of American/English decent despite being born in America she considers herself to be English. She dresses in a very tomboyish way and is rarely seen in a skirt. She always wears a black vest top with a broke love heart in the centre. Her pants are always torn jeans and she wears a punkish belt. At times she lets her hair down but she is always so far been seen with two pigtails.

She always carries a games console around which acts as her Fullbring focus.


She has a laid back attitude and doesn't want to act unless its absolutely necessary or if Tom orders her to do something. She hates being alone, for this reason she lives in the Main Branches Headquarters with other Fullbringers. She doesn't allow others to know her feelings but Tom correctly assumed she hates being lonely. She loves her powers, due to feeling superior to most humans, but she is understands that her powers have limits though that doesn't stop her from testing her limits.

She likes to play video games due to love of the stories and the feelings that she feels while playing them.


Not much is known of her past apart from due to her powers many kids at her school avoided her due to being scared of her, due in large part to her love for video games. This led to her hating being alone.


Agents of Xcution Arc

Powers & Abilities

Spiritual Awareness: Being a spiritual aware being she is able to see Hollows. She is able to sense other Fullbringer within a certain range.

Spiritual Power: It is unknown how much she has, but she has been seen using it to frighting her opponents.

Bringer Light Master: Hannah mastered Bringer Light and uses it to manover during a battle.


Digital Creation (デジタル作成, Dejitaru sakusei): Using her games console as the focus she is able to create creatures and environments. She mainly uses her Digital Creation to train members of Xcution, similar to Yukio's Fullbring. She states that she is able to recreate situations that she has seen to the very last detail.

  • Teleportation: Using Digital Creation she is able to place teleport pads on the ground for instantaneous transportation over long distances.
  • Digital Blade: Hannah is capable of creating digital blades from anywhere that can attack opponents. She can also wield these blades. (Unnamed)
  • Digital Clone: By holding two buttons down on her console a clone of herself is constructed next to her. The clone is indistinguishable to her and even mimics her Reiryoku. The clone only has a ten kilometres radius if it goes beyond the radius it disappears into static. The clone is capable of sending information back to Hannah after it disperses. This makes it good for scouting. (Unnamed)
  • Digital Monsters: Hannah can spawn monsters that he programmed to destroy her opponent. The monsters were in fact captured Hollows who's phyiscal and Reiryoku data where used to recreate them. (Unnamed)