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Haruko Yoritomo
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday July 16
Age 906
Gender Female
Height 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Occupation Hermit
Previous Occupation Member of Fullbringer Council
Team Xcution
Base of Operations Yoritomo Hideout, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Maori Yoritomo (Husband, Deceased)
Sei Yoritomo (Daughter, Deceased)
Primary Skill
Fullbring Strength of a Hundred
First Appearance
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
Spanish Voice N/A

"The Girl who never stopped Running." - Roydon Namikaze

Haruko Yoritomo (春子頼朝, Yoritomo Haruko) is a Fullbringer and part of the original Fullbring Council of Toronamatei.


Haruko is a fairly tall, light-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight, blond hair. Her hair is waist-length with shoulder-length bangs framing both sides of her face. As a child, she wore it tied in a high ponytail. As an adult, it is usually tied into two loose ponytails. She obtained a violet rhombus mark on her forehead similar to her grandmother's, which she used as her Fullbring Focus until it broke. 900 years later, the mark was fixed using Oka Hikari's intelligence and Haruko's technology. It will temporarily disappear when unleashing the conserved Reiryoku and reappear after she has accumulated enough Reiryoku. When she releases her Fullbring, the diamond mark on her forehead opens out into a seal that usually extends around her body.


During the 1100s, before the destruction of Toronamatei, Haruko was a caring and loving woman, and as a member of the Fullbring Council, Haruko truly was a role model for other Fullbringers to follow. Her first priority in any situation is the lives of others before her own. She created four rules that guided other Fullbringers on the battlefield, one of which is that they should never give up on treating others as long as they are still breathing. When the Shinigami attacked Toronamatei, she actively took on the role of saving the wounded while having her summon, Katsuyu, protect the corpses of the deceased. She did all she could to protect the city, knowing that she could die.

The second that Yamamoto unleashed his Bankai and began to destroy Toronamatei, Haruko no longer had the same personality. She became a merciless. She gained such a hatred for Shinigami that she killed hundreds of them whilst escaping the devastation of Toronamatei. Just thinking about the uniform they wore makes her tremble with anger. She had a bitter sense of humor, joking about dead Shinigami who died 900 years ago.

Despite this darkness, Haruko still retained some of her old personality, like when she saw Heike Masaomi for the first time in centuries, she smiled, thinking about Kate McGarden and his romance towards each other, and had a rare moment where she thought not all Shinigami were so dark, before deciding otherwise.


Haruko was born in 1097 in Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan. Her family were not particularly wealthy, but used their special powers in order to gain money to allow Haruko to go to a Norman-Conquested England. At the age of 15, she was sent, alone, to a small village where she got education in the form of typical skills she would have to learn in later life, including cooking and cleaning. She was sent to a giant city, known as Toronamatei, which catered for people with this ability, which was named Fullbring and that they could tame "the demons" from outside the city. She also got into the tradition of allowing dead people's souls to live in the city.

Haruko went up the ranks, eventually becoming part of the Fullbringer Council by the age of 40, making her part of the leadership of the giant city. This lasted, until one faithful day...

For decades, a race of souls called "Shinigami" contacted the Fullbringers, wishing to make contact while at the same time, plotting the destruction of Toronamatei due to the Fullbringer being too "hollow-like". In 1157, after an ignored warning they made to Toronamatei, the Shinigami invaded the city, determined to kill every last Fullbringer for being too "like-hollow".

Turning Back the Pendulum arcEdit

Shortly after the First Quincy Invasion of Soul Society, Haruko's team took charge of finding out exactly what happened in Soul Society, to the eventual revelation that Juhabach, leader of the future Vandenreich, survived.

The next day, she had a meeting with the Council to discuss the situation, which was decided that the Shinigami cannot be trusted anymore, despite six members of the Council still trusting the Shinigami. Toronamatei's forces started to assemble, with a single member of the newly founded Gotei 13, Tenjiro Kirinji, arrived to give a message and a warning: The Gotei 13 is to monitor all Fullbringer activity.

Haruko, angered by this, went home. As she went home, she started thinking about the worst case scenario and by the time she got home, a messenger had already arrived.


Power & AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Even before the Fullbringer Holocaust, Haruko was a master at Kendo, something she learned from Yashiro Isana himself. She is easily capable of fighting multiple captains' Shikai at once, and even deflecting a Bankai back with only her sealed Zanpakutō.

Superhuman Strength: Haruko possesses a remarkable amount of strength for a Human. With little effort one she was able to send Victoria Campbell flying, had Victoria not used her Kidō protection charm the blow would have been fatale. Though Victoria was protected by the Kidō charm, she was still injured, albeit a minor injury.

Bringer Light Master: Haruko is also highly skilled in Bringer Light, a technique she knew since birth. She has enough mastery in it to be able to cross Toronamatei in almost no time at all.

Immense Spiritual Power: Haruko is said to have a unique type of Spiritual Power, that of darkness and despair. The amount of spiritual power that Haruko can contain is so immense that even Shunsui Kyōraku was shocked by the amount, comparing it to his own.


Strength of a Hundred (百豪, Byakugo): Haruko's Fullbring manifests itself in a diamond mark on her forehead, which opens, spreading markings all over Haruko's body. These markings facilitate the regeneration of injuries through accelerated cell multiplication. The multiplication is so advanced and reactive that when Haruko was bifurcated, she started to heal as soon as the sword touched her skin. The only known weakness to the Fullbring is that it reduces Haruko's spiritual power.

Corrupt Strength of a Hundred: After the deaths of the Yoritomo Clan and the complete destruction of Toronamatei, Haruko's Fullbring felt the full wrath of Haruko's emotion, and it became corrupt. The Markings changed to only cover her face, and she required to use Reiryoku to use the Fullbring. Only when she saw the dead body of Shigekuni Yamamoto, did her Fullbring regress to its former form and then fused with her Zanpakutō due to centuries of change.

Enhanced Strength of a Hundred: To be done at a later date.


Amaterasu (天照, Heavenly Illumination): Haruko obtained a Zanpakuto after kidnapping multiple Shinigami who only wielded Asauchi. After decades of experiments, all but one Asauchi died, which one day became Haruko's Zanpakuto, Amaterasu. In its sealed form, it is a katana with a black diamond hilt.

  • Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Bleed for Eternity" (永遠に出血する, Eien ni shukketsu suru). The Shikai form of Amaterasu is the same as its sealed form, except for the hilt being a rectangle.
Shikai Special Ability: Amaterasu is able to create black flames, which Haruko can use in a wide variety of offensive techniques.
  • Bankai: Amaterasu Fumetsu (天照 不滅, Immortal Heavenly Illumination): When activated, Haruko's Zanpakuto starts to bleed the blood of her fallen friends and enemies. Keeping the same shape, the sword turns completely red with blood in its strongest form, with a white tint in the blood.