Jack O'Neill
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday August 12
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 188 cm (6’2”)
Weight 58.9 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Team American Branch of Xcution
Base of Operations New York City, America, Human World
Personal Status
Relatives Daniel Smith (Adoptive Brother)
Primary Skill
First Appearance

Jack O'Neill ( , ) is a Fullbringer and member of the American Branch of Xcution. He and his older brother deal with the Hollows and Shinigami in America.


Jack has short black hair and a cross shaped tattoo above his right eye. He wears a dark brown leather jacket with two white bands on the left arm; he wears a plain white t-shirt underneath. He has blue denim jeans and black canvas trainers.


Jack has laid back attitude on his life and enjoys himself when he can; even in a fight he makes the best out of a bad situation. He enjoys the powers that being a Fullbringer brings him and doesn’t hesitate to cash in on them, despite Daniel telling him on multiple occasions not to misuse his power. In battle Jack is surprising well deductive when it comes to figuring out his opponent’s abilities and forming a plan on how to counter it.


Jack’s mother was attacked by a Hollow before he was born she died later giving birth to him and his father died the following year. Jack spent years going to different foster homes until he was adopted by Daniel Smiths family. At some point he and Daniel discovered their Fullbring abilities. When Daniel was 24, Jack helped him set up his bar. Jack and Daniel were approached by Tom Keen and Roydon Matthews who offered them a place within Xcution after listening to what they had to say they accepted and Daniel became the Branch Head.


Soul Society Invasion arcEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Spiritual Awareness: Jack is able to sense other Spiritual aware beings as well as see Shinigami and Hollows. At a young age he was able to sense his adoptive brother Daniel better than he could sense others.

Spiriual Power: As a Fullbringer Jack has some spiritual power, how much is unknown; however it seems lower class Hollows are afraid of his power.

Bringer Light Expert: Jack was trained by his adoptive brother on how to use Bringer Light and he quickly became good at it. Jack is able to move at high speeds as well as stand on air and water.


Jack has a Fullbring but it has yet to be shown. Daniel says that it is similar to his but on a completely different scale.


Creation and ConceptEdit

Jack is based off of several anime characters that enjoy having a good time. I decided to give Jack that plain look to show that he is a plain average guy, with the exception of being a Fullbringer.