Kanji ポータル
Purpose Travel between Human World and the Soul Society

The Portal (ポータル, Pōtaru) is the dimensional gateway which Fullbringers use to enter and leave Soul Society by unlocking it.


Portal has multiple ways of transportation, the main one is similar to how a Garganta works. The main transportation is easy to use and all Fullbringers can open a Portal at any time, it is currently undetectable by the Soul Society.


There are multiple ways in which one can open and use a Portal.

  • Green Flame Projection (緑難投射, Midori-nan tōsha): This technique requires the aid of a device to envelop the users in a pillar of green flames what protect the user during transportation as they are literally propelled through the dimension at fast speeds and impact on the ground upon arrival. This technique is the fastest to travel and does damage to the surround area on arrival, it's first use was during the Soul Society Invasion.
  • Yurun Kūgeki (緩ん空隙, Loose Void): Yurun Kūgeki is what the Branch Heads can use. It allows them transportation to other places in the Human World and also allows them to head to Hueco Mundo and Soul Society at will.
  • Port-Gate (ポートゲート, Pōtogēto): The Port-Gate was invented after the Quincy "invasion" of the Human World. The Port-Gate allows Fullbringers to enter the Quincies shadow dimension.