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Seigen Suzunami
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Previous Partner Kaname Tōsen
Base of Operations 9th Divison HQ & Suzunami Manor, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Education Shinō Academy
Shikai Shiden
Bankai Unknown
First Appearance
Japanese Kazuhiko Inoue
English Dave Mallow

Seigen Suzunami (朱司波征源, Suzunami Seigen) he is the Captain of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13. His Lieutenant was Kaname Tōsen.


Seigen wears the standard Shinigami uniform with the 9th Division haori over it. He has dark red hair that is parted down the middle with one stray bang on the left side of his face.


Seigen has shown to be a rather stern man, as he believes in doing his duty as a Shinigami, as well as keeping his personal life separate from his duties (he insists that Matsuri and Fujimaru call him "Captain Suzunami" while they're on duty). Despite being a captain, he is somewhat laid-back, even preferring to be called by his given name instead of being addressed by rank when he is not on duty. Even though he has a serious appearance, he is shown to have cared very much for his sister as well as his subordinates. He also seems to have a desire to be dependable, as he has been frequently doing favors for Konoka throughout his life.


Tomu Kurai brought two injuried twins to him and told him to look after them. When the wounded twins awoke, he and his sister introduced themselves as Fujimaru Kudō and Matsuri Kudō. As they were resting in their household, they fed the two of them some apples. After they ate them, they asked for more because they were hungry. Knowing that only Souls with spiritual potential could feel hunger, they asked the Kudō twins if they would like to become Shinigami. The two were unsure at first, but eventually decided to become Shinigami in order to repay Tomu for saving them and Seigen for looking after them.

After six years in the Shinō Academy, both Matsuri and Fujimaru joined the 9th Division. He watched as Matsuri awaked her Shiaki and defeated Mad Eater.

Three Months before the start of the series, his Lieutenant betrayed the Soul Society, he battled him and was about to kill his former lieutenant, but Kaname used Bankai, something that Seigen was not prepared for, he lost the battle and vowed to kill Kaname the next time they meet.


Ichigo's Invasion arcEdit

Seigen is seen in the Disaplinary Hearing for Roydon Mashūzu. He agrees with Yamamoto to allow Tomu Kurai to punish him. After the meeting Seigen and Tomu where confronted by Amagai, after dismising his claims Amagai left. Later on Seigan asked Tomu to say Hello to his adopted daughter Matsuri Kudō.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Suzunami skill

Seigen using Flash Step

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Seigen is very proficient in swordsmanship, able to use his Zanpakutō to fight effectively in battle. As a captain, he knows both Shikai and Bankai.

Shunpo Expert: Seigen is known to be an expert at Shunpo, as he states that he is proficient with the use of Shunpo. He can use it to arrive at any location quickly, as well as effectively in battle, using them to strike his opponent multiple times.

Kidō Expert: Seigen is proficient in Kidō, very knowledgeable with both Hadō and Bakudō spells.


Shiden (紫電, Violet Lightning): It has a dark red hilt, which is longer than most. Its guard looks similar to an eye, with each side being hollow and spikes protruding from the edges.

Suzunami Zanpakuto

Seigen's Zanpakutō in its Shikai state.

  • Shikai: It's release command is Strike Down (打ち据えろ, uchisuero). When released it has a normal hilt, but the sides of the blade are jagged and resemble a lightning bolt. At the end of the sword is two sharp points.
Shiden's Special Ability

Shiden's Special Ability

Shikai Special Ability: By holding his Zanpakutō vertically in the air and slamming it on the ground, electricity flows in between the points to form a ball and then releases a wide-range lightning shock.
  • Shigasumi (紫霞, Violet Mist): A web of lightning shoots out from Shiden and paralyzes anything in its path.
  • Shiden Raikō (紫電雷吼, Violet Lightning Thunderclap): Shiden fires a massive violet lightning bolt.