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Tomoko Takeda
Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday August 12
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 162.5 cm (5'4")
Weight 60 kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Japanese Branch of Xcution
Occupation High School Student
Team Japanese Branch
Base of Operations Xcution Japanese Headquarters, Tokiwadai City
Personal Status
Education Tokiwadai High School
Primary Skill
Fullbring Skip Beat
First Appearance
English Voice N/A

Tomoko Takeda (智子武田, Takeda Tomoko) is a Fullbringer and a member of the newly established Japanese Branch of Xcution.


Tomoko's has short black hair with, the centre part of her hair has a red and blue clip holding it. She has a snaggle tooth in her mouth. Her bust is much larger than most girls her age, a fact she uses to tease Misaka Mikoto. She always is seen wearing her school uniform, though when she has an assignment from Xcution she is in her casual clothes.


Despite her appearance and innocent looks, Tomoko is a massive pervert. She is interested in both boys and girls, and doesn't hide the fact she is a pervert. In her spare time she reads perverted magazines and spies on both the men's and girl's bath houses. Though despite her perverted ways she is very loyal to her friends and defends them, albeit in her own unique perverted way, she often gives out advice again in a perverted way.

Tomoko enjoys dressing up in erotic langerie and tries (and fails) to get Misaka Mikoto to also dress in the erotic langerie. Despite her perverted nature she and Misaka have a close friendship, Kenzo Yoshizawa has teased Tomoko about her feeling towards Misaka, Tomoko doesn't realize that she has feelings for Misaka.



Soul Society Invasion ArcEdit

Upon receiving the orders off Tom Keen, she and the other members of Xcution's invasion force gathered at the Portal pad, before travelling to Seireitei in order to participate in the invasion of Soul Society.


Head Phones: Tomoko always carries her Head Phones around with her and at times listens to loud music, her head phones act as her Fullbring Focus and technically are her Fullbring. They were given to her at a young age by her father who, was dying of a unknown disease, being so close to her father at a young age she grew attached to the last gift her father gave her.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Object Affinity: Like all Fullbringers Tomoko can malnipulate objects and turn them into weapons or other useful things.

Spiritual Power: As a Fullbringer, Tomoko has Spiritual Power, how much is unknown.

Spiritual Awareness: Tomoko can see spiritual beings like Shinigami and Hollows. Tomoko can also sense emotions as well.

Bringer Light Expert: Tomoko can use Bringer Light to gain high speed movement or to walk up walls.


Skip Beat (スキップ·ビート, Sukippu· bīto): Her Fullbring Focus is her head phones she bought as a child. When she activates her Fullbringer her head phone change shape and link around the back of her head, it also changes shape and be comes white in colour with pink out lines. Skip Beat allows Tomoko to use sound as a weapon and manipulate sound waves in to devastating effects.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Power: When using her Fullbring, Tomoko gains more spiritual power allowing her to use her high level abilities with ease.
  • Enhanced Speed: As she can manipulate sound Tomoko can move at the speed of sound. This ability has proven useful many times over as it has saved her life and others. With this she can easily avoid attacks and sneak up behind her opponents.
  • Sonic Blast: When Tomoko changes the dial on her head phone, Tomoko can unleash and Sonic Blast that can be lethal if attuned to the right frequency.
  • Sonic Shield: Tomoko can put an Sonic Shield around herself to protect herself form any form of attack. Her shield is not permanent and can be disrupted.

Beat Skip (進む勝つ, Susumu Katsu): Beat Skip is the enhanced version of her Fullbring. She gained this form after the invasion of Soul Society after defeating Rangiku Matsumoto she developed her abilities to face a Captain-level Shinigami, her training granted her Beat Skip. Beat Skip allows her to use her powers to new heights.