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In a time where Fullbringers were widespread and generally accpeted in human culture the Shinigami arrive to "bring balance" by killing Hollows and sending lost souls to live in Soul Society. After a shaky start the Shinigami make peace with the Fullbringers and let them aid them in killing Hollows. But the peace is strained when the Shinigami's lies are brought into light and their hypocritical nature when dealing with the Quincies. Thus a group of Fullbringers set in motion a chain of events that will change the course of their species forever.


Chapter No. # Chapter Name Date Published Status
0.1Beginning of the End9 Feb. 2013Completed
0.2Disaster in Court14 Feb. 2013Completed
0.3Haruko's Day3 March. 2013Completed
0.4Blood in the Rain Op. 121 March. 2013Completed
0.5Traitor25 March. 2013Completed
0.6Blood in the Rain Op. 2: War God's Drive2 April. 2013Completed
0.7Blood in the Rain Op. 3: Tears in the Rain20 June. 2013TBA