Xcution Card
Kanji エクスキューション
English Xcution
Romaji Ekusukyūshon
Headquarters Main Base, Neo City, Human World
Purpose Find other Fullbringers and protect them from Shinigamis and Hollows.
To train Fullbringers to use their powers.

Xcution (エクスキューション, Ekusukyūshon) is a secret world-wide organization of Fullbringers operating in the Human World.


Xcution is a secret society created by Tom Keen and Roydon Matthews to find and protect Fullbringers. Eventually the Fullbringers they found and protected joined Xcution. As it is a worldwide organization there are many branches to Xcution who are lead by a Branch Head who is chosen by Tom and Roydon. Tom had members of Xcution with unique mind manipulation Fullbrings to manipulate several wealth corporations to funnel money into Xcution bank accounts to help them pay for bases of operation, bribe money, research and equipment. Though they oppose the Soul Society, Xcution tends to hid there presence as to not attract the Soul Society’s attention. Though the long term goal of Xcution is to stop the Soul Society’s attack on Fullbringers, Tom and Roydon know that they are not strong enough yet to launch a full on assault on the Soul Society.


There are two ways to gain membership. One, is to be confronted by a current member of Xcution and persuaded to join, and the other being with Xcution until their powers are complete. Fullbringers don't need to join, and are seen to be a generic Fullbringer, usually for different reasons.


Xcutions main headquarters is located in England in Neo City. It is a private apartment estate that houses many large rooms. In row 3, room B4 is the main lounge, which has a bar and other entertainment such as a snooker table. In there the Main Branch discusses events and plans. In row 1, room A3 is the Main Branches Research and Development Lab headed by Oka Hikari. There are back up Headquarters in Neo City but they are yet to be seen. Since Xcution is a World-wide organization there are many international bases used by Branch Heads as their headquarters for that country.


Main Branch

Name Fullbring Membership Status
Tom KeenUnknownLeaderActive
Roydon MatthewsCard TrickNo 001Active
Oka HikariLaboratoryNo 002Active
John AndersonIron KnucklesNo 003Active
Hannah SmithDigital Creation & Digital Extreme CreationNo 004Active
Rachel StarkMagical Girl PowerNo 005Active
Greg GreyjoyOpen DealAssociateLeft Group

American Branch

Name Fullbring Membership Status
David KingKing's SanctumBranch HeadActive
Jack O'NeillUnknownNo 002Active
Daniel SmithGuns of the PatriotsNo 003Active
Chris FlanaganParty AnimalNo 005Active
Reiteki TsukishimaBook of The EndNo 006Active

Japanese Branch

Name Fullbring Membership Status
Kenzo YoshizawaSword of PainBranch HeadActive
Misaka MikotoRailgunNo 004Active
Tomoko TakedaSkip BeatNo 005Active

Former Members

Japanese Branch

Name Fullbring Membership Status
Kūgo GinjōCross of ScaffoldNo. 001Active (Revived)
Giriko KutsuzawaTime Tells No LiesUnknownDeceased †
Riruka DokugamineDollhouseNo. 003Left Group
Jackie TristanDirty BootsUnknownLeft Group
Shūkurō TsukishimaBook of The EndN/ADeceased †
Yukio Hans VorarlbernaInvaders Must DieNo. 005Left Group
Ichigo KurosakiUnknownNo. 007Left Group
Yasutora SadoBrazo Derecha de Gigante & Brazo Izquierda del DiabloN/AFormer Associate
Moe ShishigawaraJackpot KnuckleN/AFormer Associate


  • Kūgo Ginjō lied to the Japanese Branch of Xcution, he used his position of power to use them as tools to gain his revenge against the Soul Society. All members except for Yukio never knew that Xcution was a world-wide organization.